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Question No.1 What is organic? How my simple dal , wheat can be organic.?

Organic Produce has no substitute. Organic Produce means "A product which is grown and brought to the buyer/consumer with out having any harmful chemicals/pesticides used, and which is 100% safe for human consumption". If water is the cause of 30% of health related problems then 50% problems are due to poor quality of food and rest 20% from other sources. So any crop which is grown without any chemical and pesticides can be called organic.

Question No – 2 Does it really harmful consuming non organic product ? we have been eating for ages now, nothing went wrong, isn’t all internal national level drama ? All myth to fool people to grab more money on the name of ORGANIC.?

Oh Yeah, Even i am one of those who had been consuming non organic food till 2006 and was under same impression partially, but as a matter of fact, It is need less to say to an aware person that , pesticides and chemical are ruining our life gradually from several years and day by day , cancer, diabetic, digestion, heart attacks, falling of hair, early grey hair, poor eye sights, less stamina, obesity, joints pain, lever disorder , kidney problems, skin diseases are increasing day by day.

• Did you know that Urea which is used in cultivation in thousands of tons today, actually was not a agriculture support product, it was founded during the second world war to use in bombs and ammunitions it was actually a stabilizer in nitrocellulose explosives, urea is also used to make plastic and adhesives. Today you and me are well connected to internet , pl spare some time to know UREA, it is need less to say that many people in Haryana and UP are making artificial MILK with urea.
• There is a long list of Pesticides used in agriculture few of 100% restricted still they are in use in India. Just for you information
Chlordane – It can cause anaemia, leukemia and even cancer in infants
Endrin – Can result in headache, dizziness, nausea or vomiting.
Heptachlor – Leads to liver damage , decreased fertility.
Ethyl parathion – Associated with abdominal pain vomiting diarrhea.
Once again I request you to spare some time to know the ill effects of Pesticides , insecticides, urea etc by surfing Net.

Question No.3 How to believe that this is an organic product?

Yes, this is one of the best question i have been answering, you see, there is a systematic operational model to run this business.
First as Organic operator,we have to get in touch with a normal farmer, and educate him about the benefits of organic farming and then, once he starts organic farming ( which means No chemical No pesticides No urea No DAP). He is register thru us as an “Organic farmer” with a certify agency. This certifying agency is some body like your Charted accountant or your lawyer, but he is a monitor of all the function of farmer, like from where did he bought the seed, from where did he bought bio remedies for seeds and crops, when did he sow , when did he harvested ,how did he packed, how did he transported etc.

Now this Agency’s representative – keeps a complete month to month record of farmer’s operation (cultivation),for Good Three years until the complete conversation of the land is not being done . The same land which was registered in International data bank as Organic land.

After 3 years, Farmer gets a certificate of ORGANIC LAND. Now what ever he will grow on this piece of land while using natural inputs like vermicompost, biocompost, bio remedial, natural remedial , natural seeds, will be called as Certified Organic Product.

Question No.4 Is there any guide line for Organic farming laid by Government ?

Yes, Their are, In India “ NPOP” National plan of organic produce” with the LOGO of India organic is operational under the guidelines of APEDA. Ministry of commerce.

Question No.5 What is this APEDA ?

APEDA – Agricultural and processed food products export development authority. Under ministry of commerce.

Question No.6 How Milk / ghee can be organic ?

Yes, this is again very interesting question, i enjoy answering Actually, a cow which is being fed – organic food and not being treated with antibiotics, including the water she drinks is filtered or treated in organic manner , gives Organic Milk. Hence what ever is further produced with this milk – call organic, like desi ghee, butter, paneer, rasgulla. Etc. For your information even Eggs are also certified and so as other non vegs.

Question No.7 This has been found that – under such a high corruption status of the society, it is doubtful !! a certifying agency can take some bribe and issue a organic certificate, why it is not possible?

I totally agree with your concern, but as a matter fact, keeping such thing in mind now, even batch wise – lab testing from a testing house of national and international repute has also come in, and all most all products reaches them for a report of testing, and we are happy to say that, the corruption has not over ruled us and we provide completely safe good product for you.

Question No.8 What in case we will find that pesticides and chemicals are there in the food items we have purchased. What will happen whom to be contacted ?

In such a case you can lodge a complain against the seller / processor or supplier in APEDA as well as in Consumer court apart from the Certifying agency of that particular person or firm. If the complain is found correct, in that case the respective operator is black listed or even in some case the Certifying agency ( agent ) can also being black listed and this is put on the internet, which is exposed to all over the world.

Question No.9 Who are these certifying agency. ?

Expect one , which is again run by Government of state of Uttranchal known as USOCA, all other are International such as ECOCERT, ONE CERT, SGS, SKAL,CONTROL UNION, they all follow international guidelines – as laid down from time to time.

Question No.10 Who lay down these international guidelines ?

For India APEDA, For USA – USDA ( United state department of agriculture ) , for Europe it is European Union, and so on.

Question No.11 After the stage of Farmer the crop will further move in various hands, there could be chances of getting a product contaminated due to mishandling, cross contamination, addition of chemicals and pesticides; how does the product get safe guarded – and still remain Certified Organic ?

Off course, there are chances of getting it adulterated too. There fore keeping this particular thing in control every body involve in organic product business handling, as TRADER, as PROCESSOR, as RE PACKER, as TRANSPORTER, even WHOLE SELLER AND RETAILER all are covered under organic certification. They have to take a certificate of respective stage from the certifying agency. All of them are given a SCOPE CERTIFICATE.

Question No.12 What is this SCOPE CERTIFICATE?

Scope certificate is a certificate which express the activity of the concern person/firm including the list of the product handled , processed etc. and this is being issued by the certifying agency. It is some thing exactly like your TIN number ( sales tax registration number ) to run a business which is allotted by sales tax department of the respective state.

Question No.13 How to find out whether the person or firm we are dealing is certified and not bluffing the consumer?

To cross check the credentials of any firm – about its Organic certified status , you need to log on APEDA website or simple ask the concern firm or person about its scope certificate number.

Question No.14 What is the status of Aayam herbal & research industries Jaipur.?

Well, we are Certified Trader as well as Certified Processor from USOCA, our number is ORG/ SC/1101/000094.

Question No.15 Okay once we buy thru you , what about it regular availability ?

Yes, this is again very valid question, initially you can buy directly from us and in later stage say in next 1 year or so,Once a retail sufficient sales volume is generated from the respective locality or town, we are going to open – exclusive organic stores or give franchisee to whom so ever who wants to run a retail out let. And believe me or not. It is going to be the most respectable business in next 5 years.

Question No 16. What is the current status in India as far as exclusive retails stores are concern where all they exists ?

In southern India states like Andhra pradesh, Tamil nadu, kerela, Karnataka have got lot of stores , Now in Mumbai, kolkatta and Delhi expansion of such stores are under progress, there are approx 58 Exclusive retail out lets in India , with approx 550 other out lets who sell organic range along with the conventional range.

Question No. 7 If these are the facts which are really an eye opening, then why government is not promoting it ?

Apeda is Government authority and it is promoting it as of now,Since we have got excellent international demand, and possibly awareness thru MOFPI ( ministry of food processing industry ) government of India is going to promote it , as of now they are creating lot of awareness in educating you and me about the adulteration in food items and giving lot of subsidy to people those who wish to start – a food processing industry, once this is established they can take up Organic awareness for masses on Priorty.Till then we are doing so and some NGOs.

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